PS4 | Special Request - Mounts and More

$ 252.50 USD
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This is a custom order.

 It contains:

Quote for all Mythic Insignias (based on the ones you currently have) for DPS role.

  • Enlightened Brutality x3 $42
  • Enlightened Skill x3 $51
  • Regal Dominance x2 $34
  • Regal Brutality x5 $65
  • Illuminated Dominance x2 $26

 Total $218


  • Squash Soup x99 $3
  • Sunlord's Gift Elixir x99 $2
  • Flask of Potency +3 x99 $Free
  • Devil's Precision x2 $2.50
  • Rage of Flames x2 $2.50
  • Scroll of Life x100 $4
  • Stone of Health 50 charges x5 $1
  • 1M Astral Diamonds $10
  • Glyph of Potency x15 $4.50
  • Action Bonus Enchantment, Rank 2 $5

Total $34.50

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