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Q. I'm trying to add an item to cart, but I can't seem to find the option. Why?

Q. The item I am looking for has no price and is out of stock. How can I buy it?

Q. What does "Available by Request" means and how can I request the item?

Q. The item I want says "Contact us", how do I proceed?

A. All questions above can be answered the same way - TALK TO US! Available by Request items can be classified as one of these categories: Dungeon drop related items, past lockbox drop items, past mods related items or items that go through a lot of price changing in game AH, in short periods of time. Because of those reasons, these items are never showing in stock by default and price will be updated at the time of purchase. So message us and ask for a quote, we will gladly check prices for you and add the item to stock if requested.


Q. I am looking to buy Astral Diamonds. How much do you sell it for?

A. Astral diamonds are rarely in stock. Whenever we do have it, it will be announced on Discord 1st.


Q. How do you deliver the items? Is it mail or meet in game?

Q. Can items be delivered by in game mail?

A. The customer chooses the preferred delivery method. However, on your 1st order we will request to deliver face-to-face because it is necessary to confirm the ONLINE ID provided. This is how we guarantee all orders after your 1st will be received properly in case you want items delivered by mail. For more information, please read here.


Q. How long until I receive my order?

Q. I just placed an order, can we meet?

Q. I placed an order and asked to meet but I haven't heard anything from you guys yet, is it ready?

A. Please, be patient. We have the best delivery policy you will find - your items will be delivered within 12 hours of purchase - and we never fail. We work on orders as they are placed and everything will be delivered as soon as it is ready. If your preferred delivery method is face-to-face delivery or if this is your 1st order, please check your SPAM and/or your PSN messages - we will message you as soon as everything is ready. 


Q. I received a confirmation e-mail that my items were delivered, but I haven't received them. What happened?

A. Please check your in game mail as the envelope icon doesn't always show  - this is 100% effective - it is ALWAYS there!


Q. I want an item that is not in store. Can you sell it? 

A. Yes, we can. Just send an e-mail letting us know what you need + amount and we will give you a quote and check if it can be traded. If you agree with the price, we will then list a custom order for you and send you the link.


Q. How can I be sure I will receive the items I purchase?

A. Reputation - we have it and it's perfect! We invite you to take a look at some of the reviews our customers left for us. You will also find some reviews while purchasing certain items. We Grind Games was built precisely to help the honest player that doesn't want to risk their money and account buying from random players. We are here to provide a safe way to purchase the items you want and need the most, while we help you save some money.


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