We Grind Games is committed to meeting a 12 hour delivery window. In order to do such, we will contact you as soon as your order is filled to arrange delivery.

Please, always check your SPAM! You will only be contacted by us from an e-mail address "@wegrindgames.com". 
View our Refund and Delivery Policy for more information.


Available from 7am to 11pm EST - Everyday
Available from 7am to 11pm EST - Everyday


On your first purchase we will prioritize trade instead of mail. This is to guarantee you will receive your items and that we have the correct @PSN. In this case, we will contact you and arrange delivery considering your availability. If you'd like to speed up this process we strongly recommend add "best time for trade" and your timezone to the "note" you leave before checkout, so we can already work on your order based on the period you will be online to meet and trade in-game.
If this is not your first purchase, we still would like if you could specify whether you want your delivery mailed or if you would like it hand delivered (in-game trade). Mail will be sent as soon as the order is complete, and hand delivery will be completed at an arranged time with the customer.


Example of checkout text - 1st Purchase:
"Your PSN ID" or "Your XBOX ID"
Trade between 2pm-6pm PT

Example of checkout text - Returning Customer
Your PSN ID" or "Your XBOX ID"
Please mail items/please hand deliver items
We will always do our best to deliver your order as fast as we can. At certain times we will be unavailable for LIVE CHAT and DELIVERIES. But we will always deliver your items within 12 hours of purchase.
If we ever need to extend delivery time to 24 hours you will be contacted as soon as your order is placed - it may happen based on number of items, game maintenance, technical issues (internet connection)...We are proud to say it hasn't happened yet.