PS4 • PS5 | Wyvern-Venom Coated Knives, Uncommon

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You will receive an UNCOMMON item. At maximum quality (Mythic) the stats are:

+338 Critical Severity
+338 Critical Strike
+675 Accuracy
+360 Combined Rating
Use: Activating this artifact will throw an array of knives coated with Wyvern Venom, which deals 10,786 physical damage to nearby enemies and envenoms those targets, dealing 5,393 poison damage for every 1 second for 10 seconds.

Envenomed enemies also take 12% more damage and are weakened, causing them to deal 12% less damage.

This artifact has its cooldown reduced by 75% if no targets are hit.

Part of set Armaments of the Wyvern (0/3)
Wyvern's Eye Necklace
Wyvern-Skin Belt
Wyvern-Venom Coated Knives
3 of Set: Rune of Aggression - When you use a Daily power, create a rune on the ground for 6 seconds, empowering any ally who stands upon it with 5,000 Power, 5,000 Amor Penetration and increasing outgoing damage by 5%.
Does not stack with other runes of aggression.
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