PS4 • PS5 | Staff of Flowers, Legendary

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You will receive an Legendary item. At maximum quality (Mythic) the stats are:
+675 Power
+338 Critical Strike
+338 Awareness
+360 Combined Rating

Use: Create a ring of flowers that fills the air with an aroma that buffs allies and debilitates foes witha crippling poison while inside the ring.

Allies gain 5,000 Power and 5,000 Critical Strike.
Foes will move 25% slower and are dealt 5,858 Poison damage every second.
Duration: 15 seconds

Part of set Enchanted Thumb (0/3)

Woven Vine
Blooming Cord
Staff of Flowers
3 of Set:
Rune of Cooperation
When you use a Daily power, create a rune on the ground for 6 sec, empowering any ally who stands upon it with 5% Awareness, 5% Combat Advantage, and become immune to control effect.
Does not stack with other Runes of Cooperation.
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