PS | Envenomed Storyteller's Journal

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This item is available at multiple qualities and prices will vary depending on your choice.

At maximum quality (Mythic) the stats are:

Item Level: 600

+450 Power
+450 Defense
+450 Critical Strike
+450 Combat Advantage
+480 Combined Rating

Use: Activating this artifact summons forth an enchanted tome filled with the records of your exploits within the lair of the mad dragon. When empty it will do 29,486 damage to all targets in a 25ft radius of the targeted area.

Tales Acquired
A Tale of Poison (0/1)

  • Adds a stackable effect that increases every time you do damage. After 15 seconds your next attack will do additional 5% weapon damage times the number of stacks.

A Tale of Awe (0/1)

  • Stuns enemies within a 25ft radius around the targeted area for 4.4 seconds.

A Tale of Madness (0/1)

  • Summons a small projection of Chartilifax that will seek out your enemies dealing 9,276 poison damage every second.
    After dealing damage 5 times to any number of foes or after 15 seconds, the projection explodes dealing 33,395

Tales of Power (0/1)

  • Increases your damage by 5%.

The Final Chapter (0/1)

  • Generates 20 AP every second for 15 seconds.

Part of set Storyteller's Journal Set (0/4)

Frozen Storyteller's Journal
Darkened Storyteller's Journal
Envenomed Storyteller's Journal
Flayed Storyteller's Journal
2 of Set:
Increase Power by 0.5% and Maximum Hit Points by 5,000. These value increase for every journal that is equipped.
3 of Set:
Do an additional hit for Weapon Damage on a Critical hit.

Part of set Tales Set (0/3)
Scarf of Embellishments
Darkened Storyteller's Journal
Envenomed Storyteller's Journal

2 of Set:
Increases all attributes by 1.
3 of Set:
Your powers have a chance to deal additional unresistable damage equal to 10% of your weapon damage.
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