PS | Custom Order - Special Request 2

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This is a special request item.

It contains:


Enchantment Upgrades, to upgrade 8 Epic Enchantments to Mythic:

  • 7M Refinement Points
  • Coalescent Mote x16
  • Glyph of Potency x88
  • 500 Gold Bars 

Total $128


  • Garnet Enchantment, Mythic (for Utility) $32
  • Companion Enhancement, Mythic $20

Total $52


  • Major Power Armor Kit +1 x3 $0.90
  • Major Critical Severity Armor Kit x2 $0.60
  • Major Combat Advantage Jewel +1 x2 $0.60

Total $2.10

Campaign Completion Tokens:

  • Storm King's Thunder $20 (7 boons)
  • Jungles of Chult $15 (8 boons)
  • Cloaked Ascendancy $13 (4 boons)
  • Icewind Dale, $18 (5 boons)
  • Descent into Avernus $16 (4 boons)

A total of 28 boons from these campaigns.

Total $82

Mythic Mounts:

  • Polar Siege Bear, Mythic Account $9
  • Feywild Stag, Mythic Account $11
  • Bigby's Hand, Mythic Account $12

Total $32



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