PS | Wand of Domination

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This item is available at multiple qualities and prices will vary depending on your choice.

At maximum quality (Mythic) the stats are:

Item Level 1,500
+1,125 Power
+1,125 Critical Severity
+1,125 Accuracy
+1,275 Combined Rating
Use: A frontal gate that deals 36,379 to your enemies. Enemies struck by the blast are charmed for 4 seconds and take 7.5% more damage for 10 seconds. Control immune targets take 33 extra magnitude damage.

Part of set Ruthless Domination (0/3)
Hypnotizing Pendant
Greater Beholder Belt
Wand of Domination

3 of Set: Ruthless Domination
Increases all of your attributes by 2.
When you use a daily power, gain 5% Power, Combat Advantage and Critical Severity for 15 seconds. (30 seconds cooldown)
Targets affected by Beguiling Blast are now charmed by 1 extra second.

This item cannot be unbound.
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