PS | Mythallar Fragment

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This item and set CANNOT BE SOLD. It can, however, be obtained upon completing DRAGONBONE VALE CAMPAIGN.
Purchase the Campaign Completion Token (or contact us for special request).

At maximum quality (Mythic) the stats are:
Item Level: 1,200

+900 Accuracy
+1,800 Combat Advantage
+12% Stamina Regeneration
+960 Combined Rating

Use: Hits your enemy with an arcane blast, stunning and damaging it for 75,382. Your target's damage resistance is lowered by 15%.

Part of set Myhtallar (0/3)
Mythallar Fragment
Mythallar Shard
Mythallar Piece

3 of Set: Raw Pressure
Do an additional hit for 100 magnitude damage when you deal Combat Advantage damage.

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