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Once equipped, this set will bind to your character and can be claimed by all your characters at the Rewards Vendor in Protector's Enclave. 

The set consists of 1 Mythic Artifact, 1 Mythic Neck piece and 1 Mythic Belt piece.

Neck: Dragonbone Charm
+6 CON
+1,350 Critical Strike
+1,350 Awareness
+1,620 Combined Rating

Belt: Dragonbone Belt
+3 DEX
+3 INT
+1,350 Critical Severity
+1,350 Deflection
+1,620 Combined Rating

Artifact: Mythic Dragonbone Blades
Item Level 1,200
+900 Critical Strike
+900 Critical Severity
+900 Accuracy
+1,020 Combined Rating

Use: Activating this artifact will throw an array of Dragonbone Blades, which deals 36,773 Necrotic Damage to nearby enemies and festers those targets, dealing 18,387 Necrotic Damage every 1 sec for 10 seconds.

Enemies also take 12% more damage and are weakened. causing them to deal 12% less damage.

Set Dragonbone Blades:
3 of set - Runes of Aggression
When you use a daily power, create a rune on the ground for 6 seconds, empowering any ally who stands upon it with 5% Power, 5% Critical Severity and increased outgoing damage by 8%.
Does not stack with other runes of aggression. 


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