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100,000 Refinement Points

$ 4.50 USD $ 3.00 USD

This is a Neverwinter PS4 item only.

With the changes in refinement since mod 12b in Neverwinter, its easier to trade refinement. We sell refinement points instead of different types of refinement. 

By purchasing this item you will be acquiring 100,000 Refinement Points.

Those will be delivered considering any type of refinement available in game, like: 

  • Enchantments and Runestones of any type and rank;
  • Blood Ruby;
  • Ressonance Stone;
  • Black Opal;
  • Brilliant Diamond;
  • Alexandrite;
  • Violet Diamond;
  • Teal Diamond

And more. 

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Your "character name@psn" is required for delivery. Remember to add this information before you hit the checkout button!

We guarantee delivery within 12 hours after payment is confirmed.


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