PS | Ranger Mastered Obsidian Itztopilli

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Stats for LEGENDARY quality not available.

You will receive an UNCOMMON item with the following stats:

Equip: +831 Combined Rating
Item Level: 923
Equip: +346 Accuracy
Equip: +346 Critical Strike
Equip: +692 Combat Advantage
Offense Slot/Defense Slot

Artifact Class Feature: This slot will hold an enhancement to one of the 10 Class Features of your class. Select 'Manage Artifact Powers' from the item menu to select which enhancement is slotted.

Artifact Stat Increase: This slot will hold a bonus statistic chosen from a selection of the special statistics given by Epic and Legendary artifacts. Select 'Manage Artifact Powers' from the item menu to select which statistic is slotted.

Part of set Masterwork III Weapon Set (0/2)
Mastered Bronzewood Tlahuitolli
Mastered Bronzewood Tlahuitolli +1
Mastered Obsidian Itztopilli
Mastered Obsidian Itztopilli +1
2 of Set:
You and nearby allies are granted the following:
+2% Outgoing Damage
+2% Outgoing Healing
-2% Incoming Damage
This effect may stack up to 5 times when allies are equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons.

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