Get ready for the upcoming sales - here you don't need RNG to get the items you need! Neverwinter scheduled sales for November 2019: Sale #2 - From day 05 to 10 10% OFF Refinement Items Sale #3 - From day 10 to 15 10% OFF Campaign Tokens and Stronghold Items Sale #4 - From day 15 to 20 10% OFF Companions and Mounts Sale #5 - From day 20 to 25 A compilation of all our best sellers! Final sale in November 29, Official Black Friday - Details to be announced! *Some items may not be included due to rarity in game. (Bronzewood Enchantment, Ruthless Enchantment...) **VIP Codes can be used while purchasing items on sale. Sale only available for Neverwinter PS4 items.