PS | Astral Lockbox

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This box contains one of the following:
Random Account Wide Mount
Myconid Bulette - Account mount
Tenser's Blue Floating Disk - Account mount
Pink Sylph Wings - Account Mount
Golden Cat - Account companion
Linu La`neral - Account Unlock

Random Epic Mount

Leopard Printed Yeth Hound
Mist Form
Spiked Deinonychus
Butterfly Wings
Random Epic Companion
Vistani Wanderer
Black Death Scorpion 
Book Imp
2 Genie's Gift
5 Companion Upgrade Token

And one of the following:

Legendary Insignia
Epic Insignia
Rare Insignia
4 Uncommon Insignias
2 Stronghold Vouchers
Epic Profession Supplement
2 Rare Profession Supplement
4 Uncommon Profession Supplement

And the following:

20-500 Tarmalune Trade Bars
No Level Requirement
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