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XBOX | Trobriand's Ring, Uncommon

$ 1.50 USD

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The following description applies to MOD 16 - Undermountain.

You will receive an UNCOMMON item. At maximum quality (Mythic) the stats are:

+3,000 Power
+1,500 Defense
+1,500 Critical Avoidance
Use: Releases a charge of electricity, stunning and damaging all enemies that stand in your way for 376. Also spawns a Scaladar that attacks your targets for 15 seconds.


Part of set Armaments of Constructed Demise (0/3)
Electric Collar
Chained Restraints
Trobrian's Ring
3 of Set:
Electric Defense
When you use a Daily power, you will take 5% less damage and will do 5% more damage to enemies for 10 seconds.