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XBOX | Magnificent Resurgence Legendary Pack

$ 90.00 USD

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This box contains your choice of one of the following:

Legendary Hellfire Engine mount
Legendary Adolescent Deepcrow mount
Swarm mount
War Tricertops mount
Legendary Carpet of Flying mount
Legendary Tyrannosaur Pack mount choice pack
Celestial Stag mount
Arcane Whirlwind mount
Eye of the Giant artifact
Runeclad Manticore mount
Swift Golden Lion mount
Armored Griffon mount
Emperor Beetle mount
Black Ice Warhorse mount
Tenser's Floating Disk mount
Imperial Rage Drake mount
Skeleton Steed mount
Armored Bulette mount
Armored Axe Beak mount
Armored Giant Strider mount
Coastal Flail Snail mount
Bear Cub companion
Polar Bear Cub companion
Owlbear Cub companion
Bulette Pup companion
Token of Chromatic Storm artifact
Sigil of the Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn race