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XBOX | Jhesiyra's Tattered Mantle, Uncommon

$ 2.50 USD

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The following description applies to MOD 16 - Undermountain.

You will receive an UNCOMMON item. At maximum quality (Legendary) the stats are:

+800 Combined Rating
+38,400 Maximum Hit Points

+2,000 Accuracy
+2,000 Combat Advantage Bonus
Equip: increases Action Points by 4% every 2 seconds while in combat.


Utility Slot: No Enchantment
Offense Slot: No Enchantment


Part of set Apprentices' Spoils (0/3)
Jhesiyra's Tattered Mantle
Trobriand's Conduction Cable
Arcturia's Music Box
3 of Set:
Inherit Danger
When you use a Daily power, you do 15% more damage to enemies that are not facing you for 10 seconds.
Requires Level: 80