PS4 | Wanderer's Fortune Bundle - Increase your RP drops!

$ 56.50 USD

Wanna farm your own RP? We grind for you but you can also grind it yourself! But we are here to make sure you have the right tools to improve your experience. This is a special bundle that will give you most of what you need for better chances of drops AND you have the minimum percentage required to open the Quartermaster's bags you will get.
For your utility slots - we usually have 5:


  • 1 Epic Mount with Wanderer's Fortune insignia bonus (options below, pick one):
    • Heavy Inferno Nightmare
    • Griffon
    • Turmish Lion
  • 3 Insignias*, blue: 1 Regal, 1 Illuminated, 1 Enlightened

*Insignias will be random, only to guarantee you will have the insignia bonus active. For specific epic insignias contact us and check price/availability.

WGG Team advice: Farm RP daily, at all times. Wanderer's Fortune seems to have a cooldown, but don't worry - when the RP drops it will go straight into your inventory. During "Bonus RP" event increase your chances of drops buying the new multipliers (available in game, we cannot sell you those). ONLY OPEN YOUR QUARTERMASTER'S BAGS DURING 2X ENCHANTS EVENT.

While opening the bags you need a minimum of 10.5% bonus to get rank 6+ drops. This bundle gives you exactly 10.5%!