PS4 | Valhalla's Rebuke Set

$ 10.00 USD

You will be receiving:

1 Epic Quality Horn of Valhalla
1 Rare Quality Cloak of Valhalla
1 Rare Quality Belt of Valhalla

3 of Set:
Whenever an enemy attacks the bearer, that enemy's damage is reduce by 3% for 6 seconds. Stack up to 5 times.

Stats listed above are for these items at their maximum level.

Horn of Valhalla (Mythic):

Use: Summons a single ghostly Barbarian that will protect you for 30 seconds. The Barbarian will Taunt all nearby enemies and strikes targets in front of him for 3,243 damage every few seconds.

Equip: +4,000 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +1,000 Critical Strike
Equip: +600 Combat Advantage Bonus

Cloak of Valhalla (Legendary):

Equip: +8 AC
Equip: +846 Power
Equip: +530 Recovery
Equip: +530 Life Steal

Belt of Valhalla (Legendary):

Equip: +2 CON
Equip: +3,383 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +2 DEX
Equip: +530 Defense
Equip: +530 Deflection


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