All Neverwinter Items Are PS4 Platform Only

Soul Sight Crystal, Epic

$ 3.00 USD

Stats shown are for MYTHIC quality, which can only be obtained when refining the item, after it is already bound to your character. You will receive an epic quality item.

Item Level: 320
Binds on Equip

Rank: 140 (maximum)

This artifact allows you to see the very essence of your target. Weaknesses will be revealed to you, allowing your attacks to do increased damage for a short time.

Recharge Time: 60s

Use: The target takes 50% additional damage from your attacks for 10 seconds.

Equip: +1,000 Power
Equip: +1,000 Life Steal
Equip: +600 Control Bonus

Artifact of Power
No Level Requirement

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