All Neverwinter Items Are PS4 Platform Only

Sigil of the Nine, Epic

$ 3.00 USD

Item Level: 320
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Artifact of Power
Rank: 140 (maximum)

This artifact calls to the souls of the Neverwinter Nine, summoning their spirits to come aid Neverwinter and the brave souls that protect this city.

Recharge Time: 60s

Use: The spirits of the Neverwinter Nine come forth and release a cicious all-out attack, dealing 1,621 damage every hit and rooting the target for 4.5 seconds. This attack inspires you and your allies, increasing your and your allies' damage by 3% for 9 seconds.

Equip: +1,000 Defense
Equip: +600 Deflection
Equip: +1,000 Life Steal

Artifact of Power
No Level Requirement

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