PS4 | Weapon/Armor Enchantment Choice Pack - Rank 14

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This box contains your choice of a weapon or armor enchantment rank 14.

The item will not be bound to your account or character - it can be sold or traded in the future.

You can choose one of the following items when opening your pack:

  • Bilethorn Enchantment
  • Bronzewood Enchantment
  • Dread Enchantment
  • Feytouched Enchantment
  • Flaming Enchantment
  • Frost Enchantment
  • Holy Avenger Enchantment
  • Lifedrinker Enchantment
  • Lightning Enchament
  • Plague Fire Enchantment
  • Terror Enchantment
  • Vorpal Enchantment
  • Barkshield Enchantment
  • Bloodtheft Enchantment
  • Briartwine Enchantment
  • Eclipse Enchantment
  • Elven Battle Enchantment
  • Fireburst Enchantment
  • Frostburn Enchantment
  • Loamweave Enchantment
  • Negation Enchantment
  • Shadowclad Enchantment
  • Soulforged Enchantment
  • Thunderhead Enchantment
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