PS4 • PS5 | Swift Golden Lion, Legendary

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Combat Power: Summon your Celestial Lion to knock back nearby foes.
Apply effect: Shields 16% of party member's maximum hit points.
Duration: 10 seconds
Apply effect: After 10 seconds party members gain 3 stacks of radiant weapon based on the amount of shields remaining.

Radiant weapon grants 2% additional damage as radiant damage for 12 seconds. You may have no more than 8 stacks of radiant weapon from any source.

Equip Power: When you or a party member are struck by a foe, there is a chance they will be healed 3.2% of their maximum hit points and you will gain a stack of Radiant Weapon.
+1,418 Combined Rating

Illuminated Insignia Slot
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Universal Slot
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