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Barkshield Enchantment, Transcendent

$ 70.00 USD

This item is Neverwinter PS4 only.
Item Description:

Transcendent Barkshield Enchantment

Item Level: 82
When applied to an item: 
Armor Enhancement Slot: Every 6 seconds your armor receives a charge of Bolstered Bark up to a maximum of 4 charges.
When you have one charge of Bolstered Bark your armor absorbs 24,000 damage.
When you have two charges of Bolstered Bark your armor absorbs 48,000 damage.
When you have three charges of Bolstered Bark your armor absorbs 72,000 damage.
When you have four charges of Bolstered Bark your armor absorbs 96,000 damage.
Whenever someone attempts to deal damage to you one charge of Bolstered Bark is consumed.

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