PS4 • PS5 | Lantern of Revelation, Uncommon (Available by Request)

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You will receive an UNCOMMON item. At maximum quality (Mythic) the stats are:
Use: Deals 11,890 damage to nearby enemies, and increases the damage they take by 10% for 10 seconds.
In addition, for the next 10 seconds, you can see hidden targets an additional 10 feet away.


Equip: +225 Critical Strike
Equip: +225 Critical Severity
Equip: +225 Combat Advantage Bonus
+255 Combined Rating


Part of Great Protector (0/3)
Cloak of the Protector
Greater Waist Artifact
Cragmire Artifact
2 of Set: +500 Defense
3 of Set: +10,000 Maximum Hit Points
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