All Neverwinter Items Are PS4 Platform Only

Flaming Enchantment, Transcendent

$ 35.00 USD

This is a Neverwinter PS4 item only.

Transcendent Flaming Enchantment

Item Level: 82
When applied to an item:
Weapon Enhancement Slot: You deal an additional 28% of weapon damage as Fire damage with your powers. Additionally you burn your foe for 21% of weapon damage as Fire damage every 1 seconds for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times and each stack increases all damage you deal to the target by 1.5%.

When you do damage to a target with 3 stacks, the target emits a fiery AoE that damages nearby enemies for 141% of weapon damage. This AoE attack cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds.


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