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Electrum Executioner Necklace, Epic

$ 3.50 USD

The "Electrum" is a variety of Necklaces that can be crafted in game. The stats were not as good as the new gear so it was forgotten. However, on mod 15 these items will receive a BUFF! And - this is the best part - can be equipped on you companions! Most DPS characters run a Chultan Tiger, so this will be BIS for you next mod. Even with only one slot for enchantments, the stats are better than any other 2 slotted necklace. Enjoy the news!!

These are the CURRENT STATS for this item:

IL 435
+380 Power
+570 Critical Strike
Offense slot


And stats on MOD 15 (to be realeased beginning of 2019 on PS4)

IL 520
Equip: +1,411 Power
Equip: +1,806 Critical Strike
Offense Slot

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