PS4 | Belt/Sash/Waist Upgrade Bundle (RP + Marks + Wards)

$ 5.25 USD

With this bundle you will be able to upgrade your WAIST PIECE (Belt, Sash) from UNCOMMON  to LEGENDARY without the need to worry about getting all the RP and marks together. 

This pack contains:

  • 230,000 Refinement Points
  • 3 Enchanting Stone Rank 3
  • 3 Enchanting Stone Rank 4
  • 3 Enchanting Stone Rank 5
  • 20 Preservation Wards**

Pack is for 1 piece of gear.

**We cannot guarantee you will use all the wards. We also cannot guarantee you won't need more wards, because it depends on RNG. If you need more preservation wards, you can buy more at our store - I need more wards!


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