Start: February 5th, 2018.
    Save 10% on every purchase for 30 days.


    Here at We Grind Games, we want to show our customers that we appreciate them. What better way to do that than to offer a VIP Program? Here is how our VIP Program works.

    When you spend $500.00 within a month, you receive a personalized code that will give you 10% discount. This code will be active for a month (period of 30 days) and can be used towards your every purchase while it is active. If within that month, you spend another $500.00, we will extend the code to last yet another month.

    You will be contacted by us by e-mail or Discord when you reach VIP Status. 

    Other benefits of being a part of our VIP Program:

    • May be used while purchasing items on sale;
    Conditions and Limitations:

    Your code cannot be used towards:  Astral Diamonds.


    • Only one discount code can be used at a time. Add a code to your order right after you hit the "CHECKOUT" button, before confirming payment;
    • Discount codes cannot be applied to the following categories: Store Credit and Astral Diamonds.
    • We Grind Games reserves the right to interrupt or modify these promotions at anytime - all updates will be available in this section.
    • Store credit codes are not cumulative with other discount codes.