All Neverwinter Items Are PS4 Platform Only
Start: February 5th, 2018
Start: March 16th, 2018


This is your chance to win the NEW LEGENDARY SWARM MOUNT!
Start: August 1st, 12:01am EST
End: August 26th, 11:59pm EST

Rules are simple:

1. Join our DISCORD SERVER - All participants must join. We will announce the winners and promote the contest only on the server;

2. Spend a minimum of $100 in store - Every $100 spent will buy you a ticket. Each ticket is a chance to win the prize;

$100 = 1 Ticket
$400 = 4 Tickets
$1000 = 10 Tickets + 1 extra ticket

3. Everyone that qualifies will be added to the contest discord channel on the server. On August 27th you will be contacted by Ghost or Swicked and we will tell you how many tickets you have;

4. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, August 28th, on Discord as soon as Game is back from a possible maintenance/update.


We will have 15 prizes!



2. Razorwood companion

3. Razorwood Companion

4. Razorwood Companion

6. The Mist Epic Mount

7. The Mist Epic Mount

8. Unavailable

9. Unavailable

10. Unavailable

11. Unavailable

12. Unavailable

13. Unavailable

14. Unavailable

15. Unavailable



1. There are no limit to the number of tickets you can have. By the end of the promo your total spent during the period will be considered towards your number of tickets;

2. Winners will be chosen randomly, using the "RandomPicker" app. A link to teh results will be available on this page. The more entries you have, the better your chances for the main prize or even to win multiple prizes!

3. Winners will be announced on Discord and contacted by Ghost or Swicked through PM. Prizes will be delivered as TRADE or MAIL - method to be chosen by the winner;

4. Store Credit purchases are eligible for entry considering the amount spent, not the total amount received;

5. Only WGG DISCORD SERVER members will take part on this. If your username on Discord is different from your PSN ID, please message us so we can give you acces to the proper channel. Contact us if you have any questions, PM Ghost or Swicked - we will reply ASAP!

Good Luck!

    Start: February 5th, 2018.
    Save 10% on every purchase for 30 days.


    Here at We Grind Games, we want to show our customers that we appreciate them. What better way to do that than to offer a VIP Program? Here is how our VIP Program works.

    When you spend $500.00 within a month, you receive a personalized code that will give you 10% discount. This code will be active for a month (period of 30 days) and can be used towards your every purchase while it is active. If within that month, you spend another $500.00, we will extend the code to last yet another month.

    You will be contacted by us by e-mail or Discord when you reach VIP Status. 

    Other benefits of being a part of our VIP Program:

    • First to hear about upcoming specials;
    • Exclusive deals/offers from We Grind Games;
    • May be used while purchasing items on sale;
    • Free gift every 3 months (without interruption) you are a subscriber;
    • Special VIP Role on Discord with access to VIP Channel;
    • Access to VIP Member's Only sections on We Grind Games (coming soon).
    Conditions and Limitations:

    Your coupon cannot be used towards:  Astral Diamonds, Gold or Store Credit.


    Start: March 16th, 2018.


    Referral program is back! With a few changes.

    1. Refer 1 friend to spend $35 and receive a $5 credit to be used towards Enchantments, Refinement and/or Mastercraft equipment;

    1. Refer 2 friends to spend $50 and receive a $15 credit to be used towards Enchantments, Refinement and/or Mastercraft equipment;

    Tell your friend about our "1STBUY" code, so he can enjoy a 10% discount on his first purchase with us! And don't forget to tell him to add your name to the NOTE before hitting "checkout".

    Store credit codes are not cumulative with other discount codes unless you are part of the WGG VIP Program. If you are a VIP, contact us so we can assist on your purchase using both credits.



    Everyone is welcome to use this code once. On your first purchase with us, after you hit the "checkout" button, enter the code and enjoy a 10% discount! 

    *If you have already used the code "REFERRAL10" you will not be able to use this one, since you already used your 1st purchase discount.


    • Only one code can be used at a time. Add a code to your order right after you hit the "CHECKOUT" button, before confirming payment;
    • Discount codes cannot be applied to the following categories: Store Credit, Astral Diamonds or Gold;
    • This discount will be granted only once per customer -  if you attempt to create another account using the same name, e-mail, PSN ID and/or PayPal account you will be contacted and your order will be cancelled and refunded;
    • We Grind Games reserves the right to interrupt or modify these promotions at anytime - all updates will be available in this section.



    PROTECTOR'S JUBILEE EVENT PROMO - Ended June 20th, 2018 at 5pm EST.

    REFERRAL - Ended February 25th, 2018 at 5:30 pm EST.

    GRAND OPENING: ENCHANTMENT SALE! - Ended March 2nd, 2018 at 6 pm EST.