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This is your chance to win a LEGENDARY MOUNT!

Start: October 30th, 2am EST
End: November 25th, 3pm EST

Winners to be announced November 26th. 

Rules are simple:

1. Join our DISCORD SERVER - All participants must join. We will announce the winners and promote the contest only on the server;

2. Spend a minimum of $100 in store - Every $100 spent will buy you an entry ticket. Each ticket is a chance to win the prize;

$100 = 1 Ticket
$400 = 4 Tickets
$1000 = 10 Tickets + 1 extra, to a total of 11 entries for every $1000 spent

3. Everyone that qualifies will be added to the contest discord channel on the server. On October 25th you will be contacted by Swicked and we will tell you how many tickets you have;

4. Winners will be announced on Monday, October 26th, on Discord!

Main Prize - Swarm Legendary Mount
#2 - Black Ice Enchantment, Rank 14;
#3 - Brutal Enchantment, Rank 14
#4 - 2 Coalescent Wards
#5 - 500,000 Refinement Points
#6 - 300,000 Refinement Points
#7 - Runic Bag of Holding


1. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can have. By the end of the promo your total spent during the period will be considered towards your number of tickets;

2. Winners will be chosen randomly, using the "RandomPicker" app. A link with the results will be available here;

3. Winners will be announced on Discord and contacted by Swicked through PM. Prizes will be delivered by TRADE or MAIL - method to be chosen by the winner;

4. Only WGG DISCORD SERVER members will take part on this. If your username on Discord is different from your PSN ID, please message us so we can give you access to the proper channel. Contact us if you have any questions, PM Swicked - we will reply ASAP!

We Grind Games reserves the right to modify minor prizes at any time, for any reason, without warning. Main prize will not be modifies under any circumstance - unless item is permanently removed from the game for reasons we cannot control.