Neverwinter Mod 16 - OMG!
Hello Grinders!
Neverwinter recently announced Mod 16, the new mod yet to be released - Neverwinter: Undermountain. We are absolutely loving everything about it! We believe the game has been moving to a scenario where speed runs are the goal, and to us it should never be. We believe everyone should enjoy the game they love, its different classes and feats. I know many of you miss being healers, and several of you dislike the fact that everyone's main goal is to be a DPS. with this new mod, classes should be more balanced to complement each other. DPS can focus on deal damage and not necessarily build survivability, because someone in your group will be taking car of you.


D&D is not supposed to be easy. Ad Neverwinter reached a point where end game is now easy. So yes, we are excited to see how it will all be with Mod 16!
It is still too early to say anything, but some information has already been released and it is available by accessing the Developer Blog: Stats and Mechanics 


Some stats will be removed from the game. That means items that have these stats will be reworked to reflect the new stats that will be added:
Recovery, apparently, will become Accuracy.
Life steal should become Critical Resistance
Combat advantage, Companion Influence, HP Strenght will all be added to enchants, while movement will no longer be present in game.


Opposing rolls will play an important part for Neverwinter on Mod 16.
It all just feels like a brand new game! Yet it is the same game we all love to play.
March 1st is supposedly the day we can all check out the preview server on PC. We Grind Games will be on preview to check Mod 16 as soon as it is available! I promise to share all information I can with you guys.


Precious Advice Moment:
Now, I have been on Neverwinter since day one and I know a few things I wanna share with you all:
1. Don't panic sell: A lot of people are selling enchantments super cheap on AH. Stats that are being removed will be replaced, that is obvious. So please, wait until the preview is out so you can make an informed decision.
2. Don't panic buy: We can all have ideas on what will be good and what may go up in price. Unfortunately, alpha testers have advantage on that and some items are already being bought, like owlbear cubs. But there is still a lot of time ahead of us and these items do drop from chests. So don't overpay on items because they may be BIS in 5-6 months from now.
3. Things may still change until release: Remember how bondings were being nerfed, and then they changed so the nerf was not as bad as it was going to be initially? Well, that may still happen. Numbers, percentages, stats, items... it may still change. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to the devs until the mod is out. So please, be patient

And DON'T PANIC! We are all grumpy gamers, we don't necessarily like changes. But, sometimes, they are not just necessary, but great improvements! 
See you guys soon.
February 23, 2019 — Swicked We Grind Games