Mod 13 - Week 1

Happy Maintenance day, everyone!

What a wonderful, incredible week. Nothing like a new Mod to really make you realize that the grind is real. As some of you may have noticed, we've added a lot of new stuff to the site, including gear and new items that were released with the Mod. As it is with every new mod, the prices will fluctuate frequently until they settle in a couple weeks. Any new item that doesn't have a price, please contact Swicked or me (Ghost) so we can give an estimate on what that item would cost.


We are hoping everybody also had a successful 2x Shards of Power event. The week before that comes up, we will post with how to maximize it. I intend to post once a week, and give as many tips and tricks as I can for upcoming events.


There is a lot happening this week in Neverwinter. Starting today, we have:


2x Refining Stones

Wonders of Gond

Bonus RP

Trade Bar Store Discount


All of these can be maximized to help you build your character to it's fullest potential, or make astral diamonds. Whichever you're striving for.


If you're a box popper, I recommend saving all enchantment/companion boxes for 2x Refining Stone events. When you open them, you will get double the enchants/runes, so double the RP. Also during this time, when you run content like Tomb of the Nine Gods, if you get a UES drop, you will receive two!


During the Gond event, you are capable of getting a Forgehammer of Gond. As some of you may know, but maybe not all, this is an essential part of being a mastercrafter. If you want to try your hand at being in Masterworks, I highly suggest grinding the event to try to land one, and get it to mythic as soon as possible. Without it, I would not attempt to craft unless you're prepared for the heavy losses.


Bonus RP comes while you're simply playing the game, so... just play away.



Who doesn't love trade bars? VIP and box poppers... Now's the time to spend! Runestones/Enchants for RP for personal benefit or to sell in a couple weeks, or Scrolls/Health Stones. All of these things will drop heavily in price during this event, so I highly suggest waiting before making any moves with it!


If you have any questions, don't be afraid to join our discord and hit us up. We love to chat and are almost always around!


Keep on Grinding,



July 18, 2018 — Ghost We Grind Games