How much RP do I need?

Hello Grinders!

Neverwinter has recently - not so recent anymore but still quite new - changed its Refinement System.

For players that are new to the game this is the only system they've known. To us, old grinders, this was heaven! Easier, simpler and way better than before. Also, it allows our enchantments to stack - WHAT A BAG/BANK SPACE SAVER!

So we wanna make your life easier, always. And for that I have collected the information online (Neverwinter WIKI for the win!) and put it all together in one image. This image is available here and the product page, although I believe it's not very clear there. 

It shows how much RP you need to refine your new weapons, amulets, cloaks, sashes, belts, artifacts. 

Need more information? Contact us on discord or using our form here on the website.

We will always try and make your gaming experience easy and painless. You already deal with lag, wipes, making groups - if you play a DPS class we know your pain - stuff we can't help you with. So, this is a treat for you all!

A big Thank You to Neverwinter WIKI and the Neverwinter Community for sharing this information online as well. They made my life easier, so I can grind for you guys.

Have an AWESOME Neverwinter day!

January 06, 2019 — Swicked We Grind Games