BLACK FRIDAY! Are you ready for it?

Hey there, everyone! This is a serious question: ARE YOU READY FOR BLACK FRIDAY AND ITS AWESOME DEALS?!

You better be, because we are and we can't exist without you. For real, we actually can't.

So take a few minutes of your time and browse our new special bundles and sweet discounts because they will change constantly this month and I cannot guarantee for how long each special will be available.

Oh, I almost forgot! THERE'S A LEGENDARY PROMO ONGOING. Information in that promo is available here. And once again this is a DISCORD MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE, so remember to join our Discord Server.

Stay tuned for more discounts and for the actual BLACK FRIDAY, November 23rd, when we will follow in-game zen store discounts! 


All Neverwinter promos and Items are PS4 Platform Only. Maybe, we will change that in the future... and expand! We will definitely let you all know.


November 01, 2018 — Swicked We Grind Games